BIO 5100 Resources

R & Coding

How to install R, RStudio, and R packages

  • Videos, links and explanation for how to install, and what is R, RStudio and R Packages.

Posit Recipes

  • Some tasty R code for how to do a variety of tasks in R.

R Coding (Tidyverse) Style Guide

Coding Club Tutorials

  • A collection of coding, data science and statistics tutorials with examples, part of a free and self-paced online course: Data Science for Ecologists and Environmental Scientists!
  • Tutorials include: R basics, Data manipulation & visualization, modelling, spatial data analysis, Reproducible research (e.g., using GitHub and connecting your RStudio to GitHub) and more.

Data Carpentry Workshops

  • Data Carpentry develops workshops on the fundamental data skills needed to conduct research, and its lessons are domain specific (e.g., ecology, genomics, geospatial). Lessons are in the form of self-paced tutorials, and are designed for researchers to teach themselves basic concepts and skills for working with data.
  • Ecology Workshop
  • Genomics Workshop

(Youtube Channel Playlist) Introduction to Data Science in R

  • Brief 3-8 min videos on various topics From the Duke Center for Computational Thinking covering topics like data manipulation with dplyr, data visualization with ggplot2, and using other functions from the tidyverse.

R Coding Cheat Sheets

  • Cheat Sheets for writing various types of R code
  • Starting out, I’d suggest downloading (and maybe printing out) these two cheat sheets: Data Visualization w/ ggplot2 & Data Transformation w/ dplyr

Tidy Data Tutor: visualize your dplyr analysis pipelines

  • Visualizes dplyr code to help you understand what specific dplyr functions are doing with the data

How to convert .qmd Quarto file to .R Script

  • If your adviser wants you to send them your code in a .R Script, but you originally wrote it in a .qmd file…
  • An other option is the render your .qmd file to a word doc and email them that.

Coding with AI help

(video) How to use GitHub Copilot and ChatGPT in RStudio

  • In this video, we learn how to use GitHub Copilot and ChatGPT directly from within RStudio. Specifically, we’ll go over all of the setup steps that are required for using 1) the RStudio Copilot integration, and 2) the chattr package which allows you to interact with Large Language Models (LLMs) like the OpenAI models.

GitHub Copilot in RStudio

  • To use GitHub Copilot, you must have a GitHub account and an active subscription to Copilot. GitHub Copilot is free for students and educators.

  • An external (web based) AI R code writer, if you don’t want to use something integrated within R Studio (i.e., one of the options above) this can help you figure out example code for a task or help debug (find errors) in your code.

Quarto and Git/GitHub

  • Main reference website

Awesome Quarto (Github site)

  • A(n awesome) curated list of Quarto talks, tools, examples & articles

(Video) Getting started with Quarto

  • This video walks you through creating documents, presentations, and websites and publishing with Quarto. The video features authoring Quarto documents with executable R code chunks using the RStudio Visual Editor (

Build Websites with Quarto (Posit overview site )

Use GitHub as your Data Science Portfolio


MarinStatsLectures Youtube Channel

  • These R Programming and Statistics videos/tutorials were originally created for Master’s and PhD students at UBC by Professor Mike Marin and are now available to public. These videos provide a comprehensive and completely free set of tutorials for introductory and intermediate concepts in Statistics and Statistics with R.

Common statistical tests as linear models

  • Reference website showing the linear models underlying common parametric and “non-parametric” traditional statistical tests.

Data Management

Openscapes - Guidance for data organization in spreadsheets

  • Compiled (by guidance from multiple resources for how to organize and format your data in spreadsheets so that it is ready to analyze in R and follows “tidy data” principles.

How to name things (files) - by Jenny Bryan

  • Best practices for naming your files by Jenny Bryan (& she’s got lots of other great resources on her website)

Data Carpentry - Common Mistakes Storing Data in Spreadsheets


Scientific writing resources

  • Links to papers with advice on scientific writing, including specifics on how to write statistical methods and results sections

Connect your Google Scholar to CPP Library to access pdfs of journal articles

  • Link your CPP library account to your google scholar

How to appropriately cite R and R packages

  • A short primer from a popular R blog on how to cite R and R packages in your thesis, publications, etc.

Continue your learning

Tidy Tuesday Website

  • The weekly #TidyTuesday event people all over the world are doing! Every week they post a raw dataset, a chart or article related to that dataset, and ask you to explore the data. Some people will then post what they come up with on Twitter. A good way to keep practicing your R skills after Bio 5100 is over, can make it weekly thing you do with fellow students… (statistics workshops)

  • Company that offers ~1 week workshops on various specific biostatistics and R coding topics.

Highland Statistics (advanced statistics workshops and books)

  • Company that offers “how to” textbooks and ~1 week workshops on advanced statistics topics (e.g., generalized linear models, mixed models).

Communities to join

R Ladies

Data Science Hangout

  • Join a community of data scientists that share insights about what it means to be a responsible, effective, and inspiring leader.