BIO 5100 Resources

R & Coding

How to install R, RStudio, and R packages

  • Videos, links and explanation for how to install, and what is R, RStudio and R Packages.

Posit Primers

  • Online tidyverse coding tutorials (from Posit, formerly RStudio)

R Coding (Tidyverse) Style Guide

R Coding Cheat Sheets

  • Cheat Sheets for writing various types of R code
  • Starting out, I’d suggest downloading (and maybe printing out) these two cheat sheets: Data Visualization w/ ggplot2 & Data Transformation w/ dplyr

Tidy Data Tutor: visualize your dplyr analysis pipelines

  • Visualizes dplyr code to help you understand what specific dplyr functions are doing with the data

  • AI R code writer, can help you figure out what you need to do or debug your code


  • Main reference website

Awesome Quarto (Github site)

  • A(n awesome) curated list of Quarto talks, tools, examples & articles


Common statistical tests as linear models

  • Reference website showing the linear models underlying common parametric and “non-parametric” traditional statistical tests.

Data Management

Openscapes - Guidance for data organization in spreadsheets

  • Compiled (by guidance from multiple resources for how to organize and format your data in spreadsheets so that it is ready to analyze in R and follows “tidy data” principles.

How to name things (files) - by Jenny Bryan

  • Best practices for naming your files by Jenny Bryan (& she’s got lots of other great resources on her website)


Connect your Google Scholar to CPP Library to access pdfs of journal articles

  • Link your CPP library account to your google scholar

How to appropriately cite R and R packages

  • A short primer from a popular R blog on how to cite R and R packages in your thesis, publications, etc.

Continue your learning

Tidy Tuesday Website

  • The weekly #TidyTuesday event people all over the world are doing! Every week they post a raw dataset, a chart or article related to that dataset, and ask you to explore the data. Some people will then post what they come up with on Twitter. A good way to keep practicing your R skills after Bio 5100 is over, can make it weekly thing you do with fellow students… (statistics workshops)

  • Company that offers ~1 week workshops on various specific biostatistics and R coding topics.

Highland Statistics (advanced statistics workshops and books)

  • Company that offers “how to” textbooks and ~1 week workshops on advanced statistics topics (e.g., generalized linear models, mixed models).